Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kung Fu Class

I'm trying to be better about writing things down and capturing moments. It's pretty easy taking pictures, and even short vids (if you know the moment is coming), but sometimes kids just do something that can't be captured immediately or with just a picture. I didn't want to forget this Tuesday.

I don't know if Facebook will be around in 20 years, but I hope Maya can somehow read this when she grows up.

July 14, 2014

You are five. You are creative. You are hilarious.

Many days you occupy yourself by making Play-doh dresses for your dolls, drawing rainbows and flowers, or taking care of your "sick" stuffed animals. But on this day, you wanted to kick some butt.

I was working in the back room when you strolled up and asked, "Dad, how do you spell Kung Fu?" I talked you through it, then you asked if you could have some tape. A few minutes later I heard this across the house.

"Everybody! There is a Kung Fu class in here if you want to sign up!"

I came around the corner and saw a sign-up sheet and a pen scotch-taped to the wall.

You were disappointed when the first hour passed and you had no students. But a little while later you found that your brothers had both signed up for class. You instantly transformed into a master sensei, the living room now your dojo.

"I need 10 push-ups from both of you! Now!"

Max chuckled and said, "Maya, I want to be in your class. But I'm not going to do push-ups."

You didn't say a word. You just walked over to the list, took the pen and calmly crossed out his name.

He did the push-ups.

The rest of your "class" was basically you beating up your brothers. A series of punches, kicks and "HI-YAs!" as they took it in stride while you repeatedly reminded them that "I am your coach! You have to listen to me!"

At one point, Luke sustained an injury during sparring. You barked, "You gotta toughen up! This is Kung Fu class!"

A half-hour later you were back to bringing me Play-doh ice cream cones, but for part of that Tuesday you were the cutest little John Kreese that ever was.

Never stop kicking butt.


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