Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Watch Out Boy, She'll Chew You Up!

I was driving Max home from baseball practice the other day when Hall & Oates came on the radio. Maneater. I know. Awesome. Naturally, I began belting out the lyrics completely out of tune, but nailing every word with pinpoint accuracy. My son just sat there, captive, staring at me with wonder. It looked like he was weighing the risks of leaping from our moving vehicle, but deep down I could tell he was dazzled by his old man's mastery of the 80's pop scene. I told him, "You know, I think this song actually came out when I was your age." Unimpressed, he wrinkled his nose and asked, "Then how do you still know all the words?" I replied, "Because it's a classic. This is Hall & Oates, man!"

Eye roll. I continued, "Dude, thirty years from now they're going to be playing songs on the radio from RIGHT NOW that you are going to know every word of. Trust me." After I said it, I thought about how fascinating the possibilities actually are for that. Seriously, what oldies will be on the air in 2043? What "classics" from today will stand the test of time when my boy is 41? Who will be my son's Hall & Oates?

I can just see him now, driving his iCar. Hovering down the iWay with my grandson airbelted in next to him as they listen to some oldies through the ZM radio. He'll get all excited when one of his old jams comes on and his boy says, "What the heck is this, Dad?" and Max busts out with, "...I've got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it, show it. I'm sexy and I know it..."

"C'mon, Dad! I can't go for that. No can do."

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